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About us


We are an industrial and engineering company. We believe that in the coming years the world will care more and more about environmental friendliness and the most efficient use of energy and other resources, so the demand for cryogenic equipment will grow.

Our mission is as follows: we use our growing competences to exempt our clients from the need to search and select a contractor for integrated projects with cryogenic equipment.

PSKOVTEHGAZ® has been operating in the market of cryogenic equipment since 1996. Our experienced team of professionals develops and produces products that meet the most demanding standards including custom-made and innovative products. As of today, over 1,000 companies from different countries of the world are PSKOVTEHGAZ® customers. Among them are departments of Russian Railways, Gazprom, RosKosmos, the Ministry of Energy and other discerning customers.

Our company is located in Pskov, in the north-west of the Russian Federation. The Pskov region is distinguished by a developed transport and engineering infrastructure. The network of roads and railways passing through the region connects it to major economic centers of Moscow, St. Petersburg and sea ports of Russia and the Baltic States.

The geography of PSKOVTEKHGAZ® deliveries covers the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.




1996 - establishment of OOO PSKOVTEHGAZ. The task was to provide technical gases to enterprises and the population of the Pskov region.

1998 - establishment of a structural unit to the supply and maintain the cryogenic equipment throughout the Russian Federation and the near abroad.

1999 - PSKOVTEHGAZ® is the key supplier of technical gases in the Pskov region.

2009 - PSKOVTEHGAZ® received the annual national business award "Company of the Year 2009" in the nomination "Potential and Prospects".

2011 - production of in-house vacuum-insulated cryogenic reciprocating pump units.

2014 - production of a wide range of cryogenic equipment: pumps, evaporators, monoblocks, ramps. The maximum productivity of the manufactured pumps reaches 110 l/min, pressure - 70 MPa.

2016 - the production activity is divided into two key areas: "Cryogenic and gas systems" and "Industrial gases";

- designing and manufacturing a micropump, preparation for series production - for medicine, cosmetology, RosKosmos and other industries;

- completion of design, production of a prototype and testing of the cryogenic pump unit ANM-HA-100.5 (АНМ-ХА-100.5) for Russian Railways gas-turbine locomotives;

- implementation of engineering projects to equip industrial enterprises with cryogenic and gas systems.

2017 year. News of the year:

1. Nitrogen gasification (transportable) device

The first nitrogen plant by PSKOVTEHGAZ® (AGU 2400.35 (АГУ 2400.35) went to oil fields of the Caspian Sea in July 2017 to be used by an American-Kazakh service company. At the customer's request, the temperature of the nitrogen produced by it can reach +150°C which required a new type of heat exchanger.

The uniqueness of the product mastered by PSKOVTEHGAZ®, implementing the import substitution program, and the company's readiness to meet any customer's request attracted several buyers from Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries in the second half of 2017.

2. Cryogenic pump unit ANM-HA-100.5 (АНМ-ХА-100.5).

High-performance vertical three-piston pump was designed and manufactured by PSKOVTEHGAZ® for the operation on liquefied natural gas. In May 2017, it was successfully tested on Russian Railways gas turbine locomotives, GT1h series. The pump's performance is unique: 100 l/min at a pressure of 5 MPa. The Company and its Customer hope that the ANM-HA-100.5 (АНМ-ХА-100.5) will be the best replacement for the imported pumps which are not suitable for Russian LNG.

3. Cryogenic pump unit ANK 14.40 (АНК 14.40).

The first discussion of the order for two such pumps (for oxygen and nitrogen) was held at Cryogen-Expo-2016. The design and manufacture of pumps with a capacity of 14 l/min at a pressure of 40 MPa made it possible to introduce a new type of cryogenic reciprocating pumps to the PSKOVTEHGAZ® product line - with forced liquid lubrication, which is designed to increase their durability and reliability.

The company plans to include such pumps into the pumping stations - the heart of gas stations operating on liquefied natural gas.

4. Pumping station for refueling complexes operating on LNG.

This is another product which reached a new level in 2017. Being involved in a number of federal projects on the transfer of Russian vehicles to LNG, PSKOVTEHGAZ® presented their findings at the strategic session on the creation of an LNG cluster in September 2017 in St. Petersburg. Perspectives of Russian cryogenic equipment for LNG use were discussed with colleagues and customers at the conference "Liquefied Natural Gas" which was held by Irina Sukmanyuk on November 1, 2017 at the exhibition "Cryogen-Expo 2017".

5. Cryogenic submersible reciprocating pump.

PSKOVTEHGAZ® sales department has already collected dozens of requests to replace the product that was produced during Soviet times only in Ukraine, with a device of a higher level.

The equipment produced by PSKOVTEHGAZ® is designed to work with air separation products (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium), as well as with liquid carbon dioxide and LNG.

Read more in the "Products" section. PSKOVTEHGAZ® provides a wide range of services and carries out integrated engineering projects. Upon your request, we will provide our offer for any particular type of cryogenic equipment, service, project or solution for any another task.

Our technical, technological and engineering capabilities:

  • own production areas;
  • modern machinery equipment;
  • design bureau;
  • laboratory for research and acceptance testing of cryogenic equipment;
  • test facilities for cryogenic equipment:
  • integrated tests facility;
  • hydraulic test facility;
  • warranty and service support.


PSKOVTEHGAZ® advantages for our clients:

  1. Over 20 years of experience in research and development, as well as in production and operation of cryogenic equipment.
  2. Tailored approach to solving the tasks of the most demanding customers, including public sector.
  3. Shorter delivery times compared to imported analogs, due to in-house production.
  4. Priority to Russian materials and components to be used in PSKOVTEHGAZ® production.
  5. Spare parts are always in stock and ready to be shipped.
  6. Fast service for the equipment all over the country and abroad.
  7. In-house laboratory control for incoming materials.
  8. Quality Management System (GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO: 2008 No. ST.RU.0001.M0005391 dated 04.06.2015).
  9. Fast and qualitative repair of any cryogenic equipment (produced by various manufacturers) due to in-house maintenance center and post-warranty maintenance of the cryogenic equipment produced by PSKOVTEHGAZ®.
  10. All necessary certificates and licenses.


The success of our customers is our success, therefore in our work we carefully approach the selection of partners and suppliers of materials and equipment.

We pay much attention to the quality control at all stages of the production cycle.

PSKOVTEHGAZ® has all the necessary documents, certificates and licenses for the products.

In 2015-2017, we obtained the certificates of compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001: 2008), and the SRO certificate on admission to works affecting the safety of capital construction facilities.

We invite your company to discuss options for cooperation!

Mass media about us: 
May 2017 - "Business-course" magazine, "PSKOVTEHGAZ®: heading import substitution"
August 2017 - "GasWorld" magazine, "PSKOVTEKHGAZ: Yin-Yan portrait on the nitrogen back-ground"

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