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Questions and answers

We develop, manufacture, sell, install and operate cryogenic equipment since 1996. During this time, it became clear that among many questions that the sales department, the design bureau and the technologists answer every day, there are frequent ones; the answers to them are of interest to most potential buyers and specialists who operate our equipment. We hope that the answers given here will help you make the right choice. If you have not found an answer to your question or if you have a new one after reading this, please do not hesitate to contact us!

1. Where are PSKOVTEHGAZ® products manufactured?
All PSKOVTEHGAZ® cryogenic equipment is produced in Pskov, North-West Federal District of the Russian Federation. For our address please see Contacts.

2. What is the share of Russian components in PSKOVTEHGAZ® products?
Naturally, we do not produce metal, cable products, etc., but we use raw materials and some components produced by other manufacturers, as we are convinced that everyone should do his own business, and only in this way can produce a high-quality product within a reasonable time. We give preference to domestic manufacturers and make every effort to find domestically produced components. Therefore, we are constantly monitoring information resources, visit branch exhibitions, maintain contacts with the manufacturers of fittings, electrical components, insulation materials, bearings, etc. Only when we are sure that our country doesn't produce the required product with the necessary parameters, we consider using the best and high-quality
imported components. The specification of our products may include 0 to 10% of imported components (in the cost estimation this share may be even higher). For example, Russia yet doesn't produce any shut-off and regulating safety valves for high pressure yet, therefore we offer our customers several options from foreign manufacturers.

3. What are the main differences between PSKOVTEHGAZ® ANK (АНК) cryogenic reciprocating pumps
and Ukrainian NSG (НСГ)?

The first ANK (АНК) was produced at our facilities in 2011 and is an in-house product of PSKOVTEHGAZ® design bureau (Patents). The time of NSG has passed. ANK (АНК) design simplifies its application and gives operators more opportunities. See the comparative table here. Since then, we produced over 100 pumps that operate all over the world pumping various cryogenic liquids. We are in close contact with the buyers of our pumps (see Service page); we track motor-hours, the frequency of spare parts use etc., as we continue to improve the design. Our goal: offer our customers a world-class
cryogenic pump unit at a Russian price.

4. Pskov pumps are significantly (sometimes - several times) cheaper than American, Swiss, French...
Does that mean that they are worse?

Quality is not the only component of the price, which has several components. We produce ANK (АНК) in Russia, and, therefore, we use metal, labor, intellectual workings at Russian prices. In addition, although we value our brand (PSKOVTEHGAZ®) and strive to promote it, but we do not include any trademark fee into our prices unlike foreign manufacturers. Another source of cost reduction is financing of some costs from outside sources. We participate in import substitution program and other forms of support for engineering, trying to reduce the cost of design for the new models of ANK (АНК) and other cryogenic equipment, which also allows us to offer low prices for domestic buyers.

5. We can not find a pump that we need in your catalog. What can we do?
PSKOVTEHGAZ® designs reciprocating pump units in various capacities: by the volume of pumped cryogenic liquid (from 0.2 to 160 l/min) and by pressure (up to 70 MPa), in various combinations. Our micropumps are designed for local and general cryotherapy, cryosurgery, cosmetology and dermatology and their dimensions are only 54 x 80 mm, and the largest pumps (as of now) are used in the engines of gas turbine locomotives.
We try to update the information on the website asap but it may not reflect all our offers at a given moment. Contact the sales department in any convenient way (Contacts), for example, send your request to the manager here, and he will tell you if the model you need is already available, or it can be designed and produced at your request. To discuss details please fill in and send this questionnaire to the sales department.

6. You produce so many pumps! I doubt that each of them can be tested.
Yes, the most popular ANK (АНК) models are produced serially, but each product is tested according to the quality control regulations. In the process of production, the quality service carries out an intermediate control of the movement mechanism on the test facility, they also control hydrotests, pneumatic tests, welding operations, safety valves tare, etc.; the results are properly logged and then transferred to the passport of a particular product.
The output inspection includes checking the finished product for parameters such as productivity (pressure and compliance with the estimated time when filling cylinders); assessment of vibration levels, noise, elimination of leaks, temperature of bearings heating, etc. on the test facility. New models also undergo endurance testing, which requires a longer time. This, of course, lengthens the waiting period for the customer and we inform on that at the contract signing stage, but without this the equipment can not be shipped: we do not experiment on our clients.

7. The distance between the place of manufacturing and our site of operation is several thousand
kilometers. Will PSKOVTEHGAZ® provide warranty and after-sales service?

Warranty maintenance for the equipment within 12 months from the moment of its receipt by the buyer is the producer's responsibility, and we always carry out these works. Another thing is that as we are gaining experience the cases of warranty repairs are becoming less frequent. In addition, we are developing our dealer network and give preference to those companies who would like both to sell and to maintain our equipment. At the same time, all responsibility for the quality remains on us as producers. Service is carried out at the request of the buyer, on the basis of an additional (service) contract and is offered in every region of the Russian Federation. Requests from other countries are considered individually, and a decision is made case-wise depending on the ratio of the services costs and overheads. If our estimates suit the client, our customer service is ready to travel to any place in the world.