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Evaporators of cryogenic liquid with intermediate heat transfer agent (liquid) Type IKZH-V (ИКЖ-В)

For more than 20 years we have been producing evaporators with an intermediate heat transfer agent.

Intended use

Evaporators-preheaters with an intermediate heat transfer agent (water, antifreeze, hereinafter referred to as "liquid evaporators") are intended for regasification (changing the aggregate state from liquid to gaseous) of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen in the performance of work when technological process requires the use of these products in a gaseous state. Liquid evaporators use heat from electric heaters located inside the tank casing, which makes it possible to adjust the operating parameters.


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Field of application

Liquid evaporators are used in stationary and mobile gasification plants.


An example of a record in the cryogenic liquid evaporator (IKZH (ИКЖ) documents with an intermediate heat transfer agent (B) with a maximum output of 245 m³/h and a nominal pressure of 20 MPa: IKZH-V-245/20 TU 3642-009-49041418-2015 (ИКЖ-В-245/20 ТУ 3642-009-49041418-2015).

The main parameters and characteristics of IKZH-V (ИКЖ-В) evaporators are given in the table below:





Nominal pressure, MPa, (kgf/cm²)

from 0.98 (10) to 44.16 (450)


Volume productivity (average), m³/h, at 105 Pa and 273.15 K

10 ± 1.6 to 1000 ± 95.96 *


Production gas temperature, K (°C)

273 ... 303 (0 ... 30)*


Voltage, V



Power consumption, kW

5 … 120,

can be increased if needed














* According to the Customer's technical requirements.


Depending on the tasks, liquid evaporators have different dimensions and shape. PSKOVTEHGAZ® produces IKZH-V (ИКЖ-В) with a rectangular parallelepiped tank and with a cylindrical tank, with a spiral coil.

The second option has the following advantages:

1. Cost efficiency.

2. Small overall dimensions.

3. Low metal consumption.

4. Possibility to adjust parameters in a wide range.

The design and operation of liquid evaporators

The evaporator is a steel tank, inside which there is a tubular heat exchanger in the form of a spiral or coil mounted on the wall of the housing. At the outlet of the coil, a collector can be assembled to accommodate safety and monitoring devices.

IKZH-V (ИКЖ-В) tank is filled with water or antifreeze, which are heated by heaters located inside. Gas is supplied from a cryogenic tank under pressure generated by a cryogenic pump into a coil immersed in a heated liquid. Passing through the heat exchanger, the gas heats up - its temperature rises. To increase the efficiency of IKZH-V (ИКЖ-В) operation, forced circulation of the heat transfer agent can be used with the help of an external heat source.

In addition to the product itself, the IKZH-V (ИКЖ-В) scope of delivery includes:

1. Passport.

2. Instruction manual.

3. Certificate of conformity.

4. A set of spare parts.

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