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Atmospheric evaporators

Intended use

Atmospheric evaporators are designed for regasification (changing the aggregate state from liquid to gaseous) of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen during works when the technological process requires the use of these products in the gaseous state.

When using cryogenic atmospheric evaporators no additional energy is required, since gasification of cryogenic liquids is carried out without power supply. The only exception is an option in which a fan is used to increase the performance, for which a connection to the grid is required.

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Field of application

Atmospheric evaporators are used in all types of gasification plants:

  • in cold cryogenic gasifiers;
  • as part of stationary and mobile gasification plants.

The use of finned profile in PSKOVTEHGAZ® atmospheric evaporators allows to:

  1. Increase the heat exchange area.
  2. Extend the operational life of the equipment.
  3. Give the product wind and seismic stability.
  4. Ensure high reliability and rigidity of the structure.

In addition to the profile, the reliability is ensured by the use of modern manufacturing technologies and materials in the manufacture of atmospheric evaporators by PSKOVTEHGAZ®.

            For more than 20 years we have been producing atmospheric evaporators in the following heat exchanger types:

  • atmospheric evaporator - IKZH-A (ИКЖ-А);
  • atmospheric evaporator with a fan (with forced air circulation) - IKZH-Av (ИКЖ-Ав);
  • mounted atmospheric evaporator - IKZH-An (ИКЖ-Ан).

An example of recording in atmospheric evaporator documents with a maximum output of 245 m³/h and a nominal pressure of 20 MPa: IKZH-A-245/20 TU 3642-009-49041418-2015 (ИКЖ-А-245/20 ТУ 3642-009-49041418-2015).

General view of the atmospheric evaporator IKZH-A (ИКЖ-А)

General view of the atmospheric evaporator with a fan - IKZH-Av (ИКЖ-Ав)

General view of the mounted atmospheric evaporator - IKZH-An (ИКЖ-Ан)

Basic parameters and characteristics of atmospheric evaporators IKZH-A (ИКЖ-А); IKZH-Av (ИКЖ-Ав); IKZH-An (ИКЖ-Ан) are given in the table below:





Nominal pressure, MPa, (kgf/cm²)

from 0.98 (10) to 44.16 (450)


Volume performance (average), m³/h

10 ± 1.6 to 1000 ± 95.96


Temperature of sub recuperation of production gas, °С

from 20


It is important to bear in mind that the same atmospheric evaporator with different media will show different performance:

Evaporation product








Carbon dioxide




LNG (methane)



The marking of PSKOVTEHGAZ® atmospheric evaporators indicates the productivity of oxygen. Thus, if the IKZH-A-100 (ИКЖ-А-100) is capable of producing 100 m3/h of oxygen, then for hydrogen it will reproduce 190, and on liquid carbon dioxide - only 36 m³/h.

Atmospheric evaporators construction

For atmospheric IKZH (ИКЖ) at operating pressure from 1.6 MPa to 3.9 MPa

profiles with longitudinal outer and inner fins are used as heat exchange elements. As spacers between the heat exchange profiles, profiles with special grooves (bifurcations) on their diagonal edges are used, they serve to join adjacent elements and facilitate the assembly process.

Finned profiles on their ends connect to each other by taps made of aluminum alloy. The liquid-to-evaporator and liquid-from-evaporator piping is made from aluminum alloy tubes.

For IKZH (ИКЖ) at a working pressure of 4.0 MPa and above

bimetallic pipes are used as heat exchange working elements. The bimetallic pipe consists of an inner supporting one-piece stainless steel pipe and a fitting profile with a longitudinal outer fin of aluminum alloy. Structurally, aluminum profiles are joined together by means of aluminum spacers.

            At Customer's request, safety valves can be used in atmospheric evaporators - to protect against destruction of elements, as well as CMD&A - to monitor operating parameters.

The number and length of the IKZH-A (ИКЖ-А) section is selected depending on the volume capacity of the gaseous product, the operating pressure and the operating conditions of the evaporator at a particular facility.

The assembled sections of the IKZH-A (ИКЖ-А) can be mounted in a frame which provides rigidity of the structure, performs supporting, protective and transportation functions. Thus, PSKOVTEHGAZ® atmospheric evaporators can be executed on supports, as well as in container or frame version.

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