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Cryogenic pumps and reciprocating units


Since 2011, we have been developing and manufacturing cryogenic reciprocating pump units that are designed for pumping and gasification of liquefied air separation products and LNG. To date, over 100 ANK (АНК) (cryogenic pump units) produced by PSKOVTEHGAZ® operate all over the world.

The production of our plant is comparable in quality with global analogues, but it is more affordable, faster to deliver and quicker to service.

Pump units produced by PSKOVTEHGAZ® are actively used by companies that operate gas filling equipment in various industries (metallurgy and metal processing, medicine, food industry, electronics, etc.); enterprises in the oil and gas industry (when servicing gas and oil wells); in the space industry (in fueling and testing facilities).


The performance of PSKOVTEHGAZ® pumps has a wide range and reaches 160 l/min; pressure - up to 70 MPa.


All PSKOVTEHGAZ® equipment meets the technical requirements and quality standards of the RF and the Customs Union. The clients are provided with all necessary documents, certificates and licenses.

Remote cryogenic pumps and units

Remote cryogenic pumps and units

Submersible cryogenic pumps

Submersible cryogenic pumps