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Horizontal monoblocks (RMG (РМГ)


Recipients are designed to store, transport and dispense large amounts of compressed helium. Monoblock is a single unit consisting of several cylinders of 400 liters, mounted on a single frame, is made from high quality materials and components. The design of the helium monoblock assumes the presence of a control panel which includes control and measuring, safety, control and shut-off valves. Similar equipment can be used for transportation and centralized delivery of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, liquefied carbon dioxide.

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Technical characteristics



Monoblock RMG 1413.00.000-22

Working pressure, MPa (kgf / cm³)

40 (400)

Number of cylinders, pcs.


Capacity of a cylinder, l


Monoblock hydraulic capacity, l

1 600

The amount of gas to be filled, m³ (at an operating pressure of 400 kgf / cm²)


Dimensions, mm, not more



4 250


1 100


1 200

Weight, kg, no more than

5 000


Main advantages

  • Reliability. Pipelines, connections and fittings are made of stainless steel and covered with a protective screen.
  • Security. When the pressure exceeds 400 kg / cm² a safety (bypass) valve is triggered. The bypass valve reduces pressure and prevents the cylinder from breaking.
  • Convenience. The monoblock frame is equipped with special hinges for easy loading / unloading of equipment. The design of monoblocks allows to unload equipment on top of each other.
  • Controllability. In the continuous operation mode the pressure can be adjusted, thereby enabling the necessary technical characteristics. Each cylinder has a production gas outlet valve.

Efficiency. The hydraulic capacity of the helium monoblock RMG 1413.00.000-22 allows to create the necessary helium stock to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the enterprise Monoblocks RMG 1413.00.000-22 are accepted for operation at the Orenburg helium plant/

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