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Vertical monoblocks (MB (МБ)

The cylinder monoblock is a device (assembly) in which the cylinders are combined for the purpose of general storage, transportation, and also providing a centralized gas supply. Gas monoblocks consist of a certain number of cylinders, which are placed in a metal structure.

Cylinder monoblocks are designed to meet the need for technical and clean gases and mixtures. Also, MB can be used as receivers and backup sources for continuous technological processes.


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MB are designed for transportation, storage under pressure and continuous supply of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, acetylene, methane and gas mixtures into the process.

The field of application of monoblocks is industrial enterprises where gas / mixture consumption has already exceeded the capacity of a couple of cylinders, but are not yet estimated in millions of tons. Most of our customers work in engineering, shipbuilding and ship repair, iron scrap processing and construction using a large number of metal structures.

The advantages of working with monoblocks result from the fact that the assembly is technically a single container:

1. Reduction of logistics costs and growth of labor productivity in the process of delivery, loading and unloading. The arrangement of cylinders in a monoblock makes it possible to use a forklift, a hydraulic trolley and a crane-beam.

2. According to experts, the replacement of an empty cylinder takes, on average, about 6 minutes. The assembly allows not to stop the work during this time. Using a monoblock of 12 cylinders allows you to save more than one working hour. The use of two collectors allows to organize two welding posts or other points of consumption. Thus, with a large consumption of gas, time savings and growth in labor productivity due to the use of MB are very significant.

3. Growth of work quality: interruption of such processes as plasma, gas-flame and laser processing of metals, cutting - affects their result negatively. The use of MB significantly (up to 59 times, depending on the capacity of MB) reduces the number of such interruptions.

4. Saving space in the vehicle, in the warehouse and at the production site and, as a result, saving resources.

5. Increased safety of work, as the frame reliably protects the cylinders and their valves from impacts and other mechanical influences, and the connections of the cylinders make the assembly resistant to shaking during transportation and unloading.

6. Ensuring greater autonomy of consumption and continuity of gas supply for a longer period.

7.  Re-examination of the MB takes place as a whole (periodicity - every 10 years) but not every cylinder individually (every 5 years). The benefits are obvious.

Symbol structure:

MB - K 12 - 40/15 - B

  1     2  3     4      5    6

1 - cylinder monoblock

2 - filling gas:

K - oxygen

A - nitrogen and inert gases

- acetylene

Г - helium

У - carbon dioxide

M - methane

B - hydrogen

3 - number of cylinders, pcs.

4 - hydraulic volume of the cylinder, l

5 - working pressure, MPa

6 - execution:

B - vertical

Г - horizontal


a cylinder monoblock for 12 forty-liter cylinders, nominal pressure 15 MPa, filling gas - oxygen, vertical version is marked as MB-K 12-40/15-B, TУ 25.29.12-015-92137014-2017.

Monoblock vertical MB-K 12-40 / 15-B

Cylinder monoblock MB composition:

  • Gas collector
  • Stop valves
  • Control mechanism
  • Metal galvanized frame
  • Cylinders for 40 or 50 liters


We produce monoblocks since 1996. The design is constantly improved following the needs and wishes of our customers. We are ready to offer standard solutions or to develop and produce MB under the order.

PSKOVTEHGAS® options for MB:

Number of cylinders in the assembly

In Soviet times, the most common were monoblocks with 8 cylinders of 40 liters. Today, we offer our customers different versions of cylinder monoblock in vertical design: from 2 to 60 pcs. cylinders in the assembly.

Number of ports: from 1 to 4.


Pressure is also determined by the tasks facing the Customer, and can reach 30 MPa.


Shall be determined by the technical reference of the client.

Pros of MB monoblocks by PSKOVTEHGAS®:

1. The monoblock frame is designed taking into account the normative documentation and provides the rigidity confirmed by the tests.

2. Enamel coating of the frame allows you to operate the MB for 15 years without any additional layers of coating.

3. Use of cylinders with a capacity of 50 liters and MB of high capacity allows you to achieve maximum savings in resources per unit of output.

4. Pre-installed manometer allows the user to have operational information about the amount of gas available at the moment.

5. The fittings and manifolds prevent leakage.

6. Equipping with the RPV valve guarantees the presence of residual pressure and prevents contamination of gas in the monoblock.

Technical characteristics of MB by PSKOVTEHGAS®:


Name of the characteristic



Cylinder capacity, l

40 or 50


Number of cylinders in a monoblock, pcs.

from 2 to 60


Monoblock hydraulic capacitance, m³

from 0.08 to 3


Working pressure, MPa

from 10 to 30


Amount of filling gas, m³

from 5 to 700


Overall dimensions, mm

from 500 x 260 x 1820

to 2500 x 1550 x 2140


Weight, kg

from 200 to 8 000















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