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Refurbished equipment

We live and work in Russia and, of course, we know that the wear and tear of the industrial equipment on average in the economy today reaches 80%. Most enterprises do not have the resources to purchase new equipment.

So that our colleagues could earn money to modernize their production base, we offer services to restore cryogenic and other equipment.

We accept both the equipment manufactured by PSKOVTEHGAZ® (we have been working for more than 20 years, so it is not surprising that we already meet our "cryogenic old-timers"), and devices produced by other manufacturers.

The experience in the development, manufacture and maintenance of thousands of products allows our specialists to quickly assess the condition of the product, identify a malfunction, eliminate it, and conduct the works necessary to start a "second life" of cryogenic equipment.

Cold cryogenic gasifiers (GHK (ГХК)

Gasification plants (SGU (СГУ), AGU (АГУ)

Gasification plants (SGU (СГУ), AGU (АГУ)

Cryogenic evaporators

Cryogenic containers

Cryogenic containers

Cryogenic monoblocks

Cryogenic ramp