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The use of cryogenic equipment is directly dependent on the use of technical gases, and they are in great demand in metallurgy. According to the Technical Gases journal, metallurgy uses 17% of technical gases and their mixtures.

  • Oxygen blast speeds up furnace processes allowing to save coke and get excellent cast iron, and also turn it into steel.
  • Air enriched with oxygen, as well as pure oxygen are necessary for the production of copper, nickel, and lead.
  • Oxygen is also used by metallurgists to reduce emissions of exhaust gases and pollutants.
  • To protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals during annealing, neutral hardening, cyanidation, hard brazing, sintering, and during the work of blast furnaces loading devices nitrogen is broadly used.
  • Argon is necessary in steel production for cleaning, degassing and homogenization. It is also used to create inert and protective environment during melting, welding and cutting of metals and their alloys, for example, stainless steel.

PSKOVTEHGAZ® develops, manufactures, repairs, maintains and modernizes the related equipment: pump units, evaporators, gasifiers, tanks, ramps, etc., and also provides various services and implements integrated engineering projects.