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Food industry

Food industry consumes one tenth of all technical gases, although this sphere of application is rather new. 

  • To create an inert environment for the storage, transshipment and packaging of various food products: milk, meat, vegetables and fruits, juices and many other, nitrogen is used allowing to abandon preservatives and increase shelf life preserving the taste of the products. 
  • Carbon dioxide is a raw material to produce carbonated beverages, "dry ice" and baking powder. 
  • Hydrogen serves to hydrogenate fats (margarine production). 
  • The modern food industry uses a large number of refrigeration plants operating on liquid nitrogen. 

PSKOVTEHGAZ® develops, manufactures, repairs, maintains and modernizes the related equipment: pump units, evaporators, gasifiers, tanks, ramps, etc., and also provides various services and implements integrated engineering projects.