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Other branches of economy

  • Carbon dioxide in certain concentrations enhances the growth of agricultural plants, so it is used in greenhouses.
  • Production of nanophotonics, computer devices and other complex devices based on integrated circuits requires the use of ultrapure (so-called, "electronic") gases - nitrogen, helium, hydrogen, krypton, xenon and their mixtures.
  • Helium is a unique refrigerant in experimental physics, which makes it possible to use ultra-low temperatures in the study of superconductivity and other properties of materials and media.
  • The production of varnishes and paints uses nitrogen to prevent the polymerization of products, to blow technological equipment, and to package products.
  • The branch of advertising and entertainment uses neon to create luminous signboards and other promo-constructions, and helium to fill balloons and aerostats of various configurations.

PSKOVTEHGAZ® develops, manufactures, repairs, maintains and modernizes the related equipment: pump units, evaporators, gasifiers, tanks, ramps, etc., and also provides various services and implements integrated engineering projects.