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Oil and gas complex

The very scale of this industry speaks of its importance as a market for cryogenic equipment. 

  • The use of nitrogen in oil and gas production boosted together with coil-tubing development technology. The injection of gaseous nitrogen from a nitrogen plant is the most promising way to reduce the bottomhole pressure which ensures the simplicity and reliability of process control over a wide range. 


In addition, nitrogen is used for: 

  • wells capital repairs; 
  • natural gas storage and transportation tanks cleaning; 
  • blowing, crimping and testing systems and pipelines (before installation, repair, routine inspections); 
  • cleaning of containers from explosive fumes; 
  • for conservation and emergency work on pipelines; 
  • as a protection against explosion and fires (including oil and gas), as well as in fighting fires in mine faces, seams and enclosed spaces. 

Since the middle of the last century, carbon dioxide gas has been injected into oil-bearing reservoirs, but then the application of this technology to increase oil recovery has stopped due to the lack of appropriate equipment. Abroad, an extensive experience in the use of carbon dioxide plants in the field of oil production has been accumulated. In Russia, the interest was only revived in the second decade of the 21st century - due to the depletion of stocks of easily recovered oil. To date, our country also produces the required equipment. 

PSKOVTEHGAZ® develops, manufactures, repairs, maintains and modernizes the related equipment: pump units, evaporators, gasifiers, tanks, ramps, etc., and also provides various services and implements integrated engineering projects.