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Mechanical engineering and automotive industry

These industries are taking the third place in the top of technical gases consumption and cryogenic equipment use. 

  • The most demanded here, in the industry in whole, is oxygen. It is widely used in metal processing. 
  • Nitrogen and helium are needed for crimping (checking the tightness) of tanks and pipelines. 
  • Argon is an inert medium for welding various special steels and alloys. 
  • Oxygen is also used in welding and cutting metals in hard-to-reach places. 
  • Carbon dioxide used in welding makes it possible to obtain seams that are more resistant to mechanical influences. 
  • Like in any traditional metalworking, laser welding also uses oxygen, nitrogen, and argon. In new technologies, helium or an argon-helium mixture is added to them. 
  • In the automotive industry, technical gases are also needed for heat treatment, cutting and welding metals, and monitoring emissions to the environment. 

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