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Medicine and pharmaceutics

These industries are also active consumers of various technical gases, and cryogenic equipment is needed to supply and maintain the required parameters. As a rule, medicine uses high purity gases and cryogenic equipment with a high degree of reliability, since most of technical gases applications here are related to support the life of patients. 


  • Oxygen and carbon dioxide (in the form of respiratory mixtures) are used to excite the depressed function of breathing. 
  • Nitrogen serves as a coolant for transporting organs to the site of transplantation. 
  • Carbon dioxide in solid form ("dry ice"), as well as carbon dioxide and other gases are used in cryomedicine - cold treatment, including cryosurgery. 
  • Therapeutic baths with dissolved CO2, as well as mineralized drinks have a healing effect. 
  • Nitrogen is required to package the medicines, purge and purify pharmaceutical equipment. 

PSKOVTEHGAZ® develops, manufactures, repairs, maintains and modernizes the related equipment: pump units, evaporators, gasifiers, tanks, ramps, etc., and also provides various services and implements integrated engineering projects.