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Experimental and design works Experimental and design works

The purpose of experimental and design works is to create new models of equipment that can be transferred to mass production or directly to the customer.

Experimental and design works are the most capital intensive development. These works carried out in the interests of PSKOVTEHGAZ® (to expand the product range in the market, to improve the existent products, etc.) are financed by the company and conducted in accordance with the internal plan. In addition, the design bureau performs such works at the request of the customers under special contracts.

Key design stages:

  • development of design documentation;
  • design and construction of a pilot plant;
  • production of a pilot batch of products;
  • development of technical regulations;
  • definition of technical and economic indicators of the products under development.

Constant modernization of production is necessary for enterprises, since the products that surpass analogues of competitors lead to a leading position in the market.

Experimental and design works
Repair, routine maintenance and restoration (renovation) of cryogenic equipment Repair, routine maintenance and restoration (renovation) of cryogenic equipment

Based on many years of experience in the production of new products and the availability of our own production facilities, PSKOVTEKHGAZ® accepts orders for a "second life" for second-hand cryogenic equipment:


  • oxygen-producing stations (AKDS (АКДС), SKDS (СКДС), AzhKzh (АжКж), KzhAzh (КжАж) etc.);
  • gasification plants and gasifiers (GH (ГХ), TGHK (ТГХК), AGU (АГУ), SGU (СГУ), etc.);
  • cisterns and tanks for transportation and storage of cryogenic products and carbon dioxide (CTK (ЦТК), CZHU (ЦЖУ), TRZHK (ТРЖК), UDH (УДХ), etc.);
  • cryogenic pumps;
  • carbon dioxide equipment;
  • filling and bypass ramps;
  • monoblocks;
  • compressor equipment for oxygen-producing stations (VRU (ВРУ);
  • stop valves and CMD&A;
  • cryotransport pipes;
  • other repair works for cryogenic equipment.


We repair and restore both our products and equipment produced by other domestic and foreign manufacturers. In particular, our customers often own cryogenic pumps NSG (НСГ) once produced in Odessa, Ukraine (because of internal specialization of regions in the Soviet Union). To date, the plant that produced them has ceased to exist, and the NSG pumps have exhausted their resource. However, experienced PSKOVTEHGAZ® specialists are able to give this "classics of the Soviet past" a few more years of working life.

Repair, routine maintenance and restoration (renovation) of cryogenic equipment
Equipment modernization Equipment modernization

Diagnostics and prolongation of service life of decommissioned equipment, as well as increase of its operational characteristics, are possible due to modernization - making changes and improvements to the design of the machine. Properly carried out modernization is capable to increase productivity by one third and extend the service life by at least 5 years. In addition, it is possible to improve the accuracy of operation, security and ease of maintenance.

Given the high degree of depreciation of industrial equipment in Russia, as well as a long period of stagnation in the production of cryogenic equipment, PSKOVTEHGAZ® is actively developing a service of cryogenic equipment modernization. Quite often, starting with this service, customers later come back to purchase new equipment.

Equipment modernization
Installation and commissioning Installation and commissioning

To launch the operation of the cryogenic equipment, we are ready to perform installation and commissioning works both for our products and for the cryogenic equipment produced by other manufacturers.

Installation and commissioning of cryogenic equipment normally go through the following stages:

- study of project documentation;

- study of the location of equipment installation;

- check of the operability of the existing equipment;

- acceptance of delivered equipment;

- assembly of equipment;

- testing of equipment: testing of technological equipment at the industrial facilities with a set of loads to verify its full readiness;

- Unit adjustment and preparation for operation;

- commissioning of the equipment by the acceptance commission with necessary tests and registration of the corresponding certificate.

Installation and commissioning
Maintenance of equipment and gas systems in medical institutions Maintenance of equipment and gas systems in medical institutions

Medical gases systems (oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide) work in all inpatient medical institutions. Gas supplies in cylinders can no longer meet the needs of modern medicine, either in terms of volume, or in terms of the speed of delivery, or the safety of the application. Modern medical facilities use increasingly sophisticated gas equipment that is serviced by the supplier only within the warranty period. In the future (as a rule, starting from the second year of operation) the maintenance and repair become the responsibility of the operating organization - the hospital, which doesn't always have the relevant specialists. In most cases, it is more economical to conclude a maintenance contract with PSKOVTEHGAZ® to be sure that gas systems scheduled maintenance will happen as planned (which is important both for the quality of the equipment and for the inspections) and will be conducted by professionals, licensed for such works.

In cases of emergency situations, PSKOVTEHGAZ® specialists are ready for service 24 h if this is stipulated by the contract. The max time of arrival is 4 hours. In this regard, we are very careful about frequent orders for such service outside of Pskov: taking such obligations we have to be sure that the cost of maintenance will cover the costs of maintenance crew. Nevertheless, this is quite possible if carefully calculated in the business plan.

Maintenance of equipment and gas systems in medical institutions
Technical support for reservoir check Technical support for reservoir check

 In the spring of 2017, PSKOVTEHGAZ® introduced a new service: One of the types of tank technical inspection is based on the application of the acoustic mission method. As is known, the technical inspection shall be carried out by a licensed expert company but crimping and evacuation of large-capacity tanks requires special equipment which can be provided by PSKOVTEHGAZ®.

In April-May 2017, two hydrogen tankers of Air Product were checked for micro-destructions: Our company managed to create all conditions requested by the client in accordance with the European safety requirements for carrying out such work:

  1. Pressure control in the discharge line with equipment shutdown when the maximum values are exceeded.
  2. Discharged gas temperature control with equipment shutdown when thresholds are exceeded.
  3. Provision of necessary control and safety valves for the discharge line.
  4. Provision of documentary evidence for the security of operations.

In May 2017, PSKOVTEHGAZ® participated in servicing the second transporter of this explosive gas.

Since the reservoir check can extend the life of the tanks, this service is in high demand, and with the demand for PSKOVTEHGAZ® services is also growing.

In November 2017, our service department carried out a set of preparatory works for industrial safety examination at the Vodokanal of St. Petersburg. The check was performed for two LHG tanks with a capacity of 25 m³ each, at the boarding house "Burevestnik" near Luga.

We conducted the following works:

1. Development of the technical support plan to fulfill the Customer's TOR.

2. Design and manufacture of the necessary equipment.

3. Degassing of containers.

3. Cleaning of containers.

4. Ensuring expert safety during measurements.

5. Reinstallation.

6. Crimping of the finished product.

7. Check for leaks and strength.

The customer received a positive expert opinion, and the service life of the containers was legitimately extended.

Technical support for reservoir check
Degassing and crimping of pressure equipment Degassing and crimping of pressure equipment

Large capacity tanks and pipelines (over 20 m³) with flammable contents (liquefied gases, gasoline, other fuels) are operated by oil depots in urban and rural areas, gas stations, gas distribution companies, and municipalities with low-rise buildings in district centers where propane is supplied from underground reservoirs located in the yards. According to the Federal Law No. 116 FZ "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities" dated 21.07.1997), the organization operating a hazardous production facility is obliged to provide its maintenance; before any inspection of such equipment and repair a complete release from the contents (degassing) is required; this should be carried out by supplying nitrogen under a certain pressure and at a certain temperature, from an automobile gasification plant.

            For a detailed description of mandatory works to preform this operation, see above the section "Technical support for reservoir check".

            We have got regular customers of this service. For example, "Kriogaz", a member of "Gazprombank" group of companies, engaged in the LNG production, transportation and sale, regularly uses our degassing service.

In the near future, PSKOVTEHGAZ® expects a boost in demand for this service, since now the public prosecutors began to apply serious sanctions for non-compliance with the Federal Law No. 116.

Degassing and crimping of pressure equipment