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Experimental and design works

The purpose of experimental and design works is to create new models of equipment that can be transferred to mass production or directly to the customer.

Experimental and design works are the most capital intensive development. These works carried out in the interests of PSKOVTEHGAZ® (to expand the product range in the market, to improve the existent products, etc.) are financed by the company and conducted in accordance with the internal plan. In addition, the design bureau performs such works at the request of the customers under special contracts.

Key design stages:

  • development of design documentation;
  • design and construction of a pilot plant;
  • production of a pilot batch of products;
  • development of technical regulations;
  • definition of technical and economic indicators of the products under development.

Constant modernization of production is necessary for enterprises, since the products that surpass analogues of competitors lead to a leading position in the market.