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Repair, routine maintenance and restoration (renovation) of cryogenic equipment

Based on many years of experience in the production of new products and the availability of our own production facilities, PSKOVTEKHGAZ® accepts orders for a "second life" for second-hand cryogenic equipment:


  • oxygen-producing stations (AKDS (АКДС), SKDS (СКДС), AzhKzh (АжКж), KzhAzh (КжАж) etc.);
  • gasification plants and gasifiers (GH (ГХ), TGHK (ТГХК), AGU (АГУ), SGU (СГУ), etc.);
  • cisterns and tanks for transportation and storage of cryogenic products and carbon dioxide (CTK (ЦТК), CZHU (ЦЖУ), TRZHK (ТРЖК), UDH (УДХ), etc.);
  • cryogenic pumps;
  • carbon dioxide equipment;
  • filling and bypass ramps;
  • monoblocks;
  • compressor equipment for oxygen-producing stations (VRU (ВРУ);
  • stop valves and CMD&A;
  • cryotransport pipes;
  • other repair works for cryogenic equipment.


We repair and restore both our products and equipment produced by other domestic and foreign manufacturers. In particular, our customers often own cryogenic pumps NSG (НСГ) once produced in Odessa, Ukraine (because of internal specialization of regions in the Soviet Union). To date, the plant that produced them has ceased to exist, and the NSG pumps have exhausted their resource. However, experienced PSKOVTEHGAZ® specialists are able to give this "classics of the Soviet past" a few more years of working life.