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Maintenance of equipment and gas systems in medical institutions

Medical gases systems (oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide) work in all inpatient medical institutions. Gas supplies in cylinders can no longer meet the needs of modern medicine, either in terms of volume, or in terms of the speed of delivery, or the safety of the application. Modern medical facilities use increasingly sophisticated gas equipment that is serviced by the supplier only within the warranty period. In the future (as a rule, starting from the second year of operation) the maintenance and repair become the responsibility of the operating organization - the hospital, which doesn't always have the relevant specialists. In most cases, it is more economical to conclude a maintenance contract with PSKOVTEHGAZ® to be sure that gas systems scheduled maintenance will happen as planned (which is important both for the quality of the equipment and for the inspections) and will be conducted by professionals, licensed for such works.

In cases of emergency situations, PSKOVTEHGAZ® specialists are ready for service 24 h if this is stipulated by the contract. The max time of arrival is 4 hours. In this regard, we are very careful about frequent orders for such service outside of Pskov: taking such obligations we have to be sure that the cost of maintenance will cover the costs of maintenance crew. Nevertheless, this is quite possible if carefully calculated in the business plan.