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Technical support for reservoir check

 In the spring of 2017, PSKOVTEHGAZ® introduced a new service: One of the types of tank technical inspection is based on the application of the acoustic mission method. As is known, the technical inspection shall be carried out by a licensed expert company but crimping and evacuation of large-capacity tanks requires special equipment which can be provided by PSKOVTEHGAZ®.

In April-May 2017, two hydrogen tankers of Air Product were checked for micro-destructions: Our company managed to create all conditions requested by the client in accordance with the European safety requirements for carrying out such work:

  1. Pressure control in the discharge line with equipment shutdown when the maximum values are exceeded.
  2. Discharged gas temperature control with equipment shutdown when thresholds are exceeded.
  3. Provision of necessary control and safety valves for the discharge line.
  4. Provision of documentary evidence for the security of operations.

In May 2017, PSKOVTEHGAZ® participated in servicing the second transporter of this explosive gas.

Since the reservoir check can extend the life of the tanks, this service is in high demand, and with the demand for PSKOVTEHGAZ® services is also growing.

In November 2017, our service department carried out a set of preparatory works for industrial safety examination at the Vodokanal of St. Petersburg. The check was performed for two LHG tanks with a capacity of 25 m³ each, at the boarding house "Burevestnik" near Luga.

We conducted the following works:

1. Development of the technical support plan to fulfill the Customer's TOR.

2. Design and manufacture of the necessary equipment.

3. Degassing of containers.

3. Cleaning of containers.

4. Ensuring expert safety during measurements.

5. Reinstallation.

6. Crimping of the finished product.

7. Check for leaks and strength.

The customer received a positive expert opinion, and the service life of the containers was legitimately extended.