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Degassing and crimping of pressure equipment

Large capacity tanks and pipelines (over 20 m³) with flammable contents (liquefied gases, gasoline, other fuels) are operated by oil depots in urban and rural areas, gas stations, gas distribution companies, and municipalities with low-rise buildings in district centers where propane is supplied from underground reservoirs located in the yards. According to the Federal Law No. 116 FZ "On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities" dated 21.07.1997), the organization operating a hazardous production facility is obliged to provide its maintenance; before any inspection of such equipment and repair a complete release from the contents (degassing) is required; this should be carried out by supplying nitrogen under a certain pressure and at a certain temperature, from an automobile gasification plant.

            For a detailed description of mandatory works to preform this operation, see above the section "Technical support for reservoir check".

            We have got regular customers of this service. For example, "Kriogaz", a member of "Gazprombank" group of companies, engaged in the LNG production, transportation and sale, regularly uses our degassing service.

In the near future, PSKOVTEHGAZ® expects a boost in demand for this service, since now the public prosecutors began to apply serious sanctions for non-compliance with the Federal Law No. 116.